Hoi An: history, traditions, food, and picturesque scenery

A small town in Central Vietnam, Hoi An, is recognized as an extraordinary well-preserved example of an ancient South-East Asian trading port of 15th-19th centuries. There are over a thousand authentic historical buildings in its Old Town area. This charming ancient town sits on the banks of the┬áThu Bon river and surrounded by emerald rice fields. Unexplored endless beaches lay just in a few kilometers away from the town, making Hoi An the perfect spot for laid-back exploration. Continue reading “Hoi An: history, traditions, food, and picturesque scenery”

A Traveler’s Guide to Vietnamese Food

A Guide to Vietnamese Food for Travelers

Balance is a key element of Vietnamese cuisine. The balance is based on the combination of five fundamental taste senses: spicy, sour, bitter, salty, and sweet. But not only the taste, colors and textures of a dish should be balanced too. In addition, the principle of Yin-Yang is applied in composing a Vietnamese meal. Yin-Yang principal refers the “heating” and “cooling” properties of ingredients. Continue reading “A Traveler’s Guide to Vietnamese Food”